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The Future of Transportation.

a new Way to Travel.

We didn’t just build a better car. We built something better than cars. A whole new way to move.

The TriTrack is a fully-electric vehicle capable of both driving on roads like a car and moving along an elevated guideway at 180 miles per hour.

We are honored to bring you the fastest, safest, cleanest, and most efficient consumer vehicle ever created.

Our Commitment


The TriTrack moves like a normal car while on the road, but it also moves along the elevated guideway at 180 MPH.

No traffic. No stop lights. Just speed.


The quality of our air matters. That’s why the TriTrack is designed to produce zero emissions. The vehicle is fully electric and can be charged with solar energy for 100% clean transportation.



The TriTrack’s advanced aerodynamics, lightweight design, and state-of-the-art internal engineering make the TriTrack the most efficient land vehicle ever created.

On top of that, it seats four people and has plenty of space to store whatever you need to bring with you.


We at TriTrack Motors wanted to build a faster, cleaner, and more efficient vehicle for everyone. That’s why the TriTrack is priced to fit almost every budget.

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